Bartender’s profile

Shigeyuki Nakagaki


  • 1968.
  • Born in Gifu

  • 1983.
  • Influenced by the tropical cocktail boom, he became interested in cocktails.

  • 1985.
  • I start shaking a shaker at the café bar where I work part-time.

  • 1987.
  • Worked at several restaurants, bars, and authentic bars in Gifu City.

    He has trained in a wide range of fields, including French kitchens, confectionery, and wine serving work.

  • 1993.
  • Appointed as the first head of the Gifu Branch of the Japan Bartenders Association, and also served as the Director of the Technical Research Department.

  • 1997.
  • Opened ”BAROSSA cocktail d’artisan”, the predecessor of the current store, in Yanagigase, Gifu City.

    Appointed as a lecturer at the NHK Cultural Center’s ”Cocktail Course”.

  • 1998.
  • On the regular holidays of his own store, he started training at a prestigious store in Ginza.

    For two and a half years, I learned the essence of Japanese bartending.

    By obtaining permission from the license, he laid the groundwork for cocktail techniques.

  • 2001.
  • From the NPO Cocktail Communication Society

    Appointed as the first ”cocktail artist” in the Tokai Hokuriku region.

  • 2007.
  • The name was changed to the current store ”BAROSSA cocktailier”.

    Sister restaurant Gifu Prefecture’s first Spanish restaurant ”Bar Barossa” opens.

    Appointed as the representative director of ”Bistronomy Co., Ltd.”

  • 2012.
  • ”NPO Professional Bartender Organization Gifu Prefecture Branch” established. He became the first branch president.

  • 2014.
  • Certified by the Japan Tequila Association as ”Tequila Maestro”.

  • 2015.
  • Appointed as a brand ambassador for Burleigh’s GIN in the UK.

    By BIRDY., a comprehensive manufacturer of cocktail tools

    Seminars for Professional Bartenders in Taiwan

    ”MASTER CLASS Taipei” and ”MASTER CLASS Taoyuan” instructors are summoned.

  • 2016.
  • With Takamitsu Nasu, head bartender of Germany’s oldest BAR ”Pusser’s NY BAR”

    Cocktail seminar ”JAPAN-TOUR” held in the three cities of Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.

    With Mr. Daiki Kanedaka, the owner and bartender of Singapore’s leading BAR ”D.Bespoke”

    ”Kumamoto Earthquake Charity Seminar &Guest Bartender” was held.

    Singapore’s best restaurant ”Andre” (2nd in Asia, Singapore’s highest restaurant)

    Cocktail Cuisine Pairing Dinner, a collaboration event between food and cocktails, summons a guest bartender.

     (D.Bespoke, Singapore)

  • 2017.
  •  As a BAROSSA anniversary event, we gathered top bartenders who are active on the world stage

    Cocktail festival "Cocktail Re Creation" was held.

    After participating in the launch of ”Tatsumi Distillery: Alchemier”, which was established as the first gin distillery in Gifu Prefecture in Gujo Hachiman

    The first collaboration gin ”GIN Nature” as a bartender in Japan is announced.

    He is responsible for recipe production, distillation, blending, and label design.

  • 2018.
  • This is his first solo exhibition on the theme of cocktails.

    ”Solo Exhibition of Cocktails / Standard Cocktails in the 21st Century: Installation of 21 Works” will be held.

    Japan’s first little press ”Cocktail Zine” by a bartender is published.

    He is in charge of all cocktail production, writing, photography, and design.

  • 2019.
  • Episserie Cantine ”da-rosa” guest bartender summoned in Vendôme, Paris, France.

    ”Soirée cocktails japonais avec Shigeyuki Nakagaki” will be held for two consecutive nights.

    Summoned as a lecturer at a cocktail seminar on the theme of Japan sake and shochu at the gallery ”L’Embrasser” on the island of Saint-Louis, Paris.

    As a spin-off event of ”Year of Japan in France JAPONISM 2018”, he was in charge of the theme cocktail at the Japonism event held at ”L’Orangerie Paris”.


  • 2020.
  • the coronavirus pandemic, we obtained the first limited-time liquor sales license in Gifu Prefecture.

    One of Asia’s largest liquor competitions ”TWSC Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition”

    Official Jury Appointments2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

  • 2021.
  • Participated in the launch of the Okuhida Sake Brewery liqueur department. He is in charge of recipe production, preparation, blending, and label design.

    Collaboration products ”Bergamot Liqueur” and ”Earl Grey Bitters” announced.

  • 2022.
  • Acquisition of sake brewing license.

    Established a distillery in Tamai-cho, Gifu City.

  • 2023.
  • LONGGOOD / Nagara Sake Brewery opened